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The Rooted & Grounded Workbooks

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God gave His Word to all people, both young and old. There is no "Jesus, jr," just as there is no "Bible, jr." There is only the TRUTH and kids need to be able to have that available to them. But as we know, sometimes studying the Bible can be overwhelming, and not just for kids. These workbooks take basic "Christianity 101" concepts and break them down into simple sections complete with activities, puzzles, and coloring, so that kids young and old can grasp the very truth of God's Word in a way that doesn't overwhelm or discourage. These workbooks focus on different teachings in the Bible, all founded on the revelation of the great love of Jesus - and truly this is God's TRUTH!
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Training children in the teaching of the Bible would be much easier if more kids enjoyed the process. God gave His Word to do more than just instruct. His Word brings us hope, it strengthens our faith, it gives us courage when we are weak, and it brings us joy when we are filled with sadness. Truly, the Bible is to be ENJOYED by His people. Even as adults, how often do we find ourselves trudging through another chapter, just asking God to break in with a revelation. These workbooks are written with the goal of kids being able to ENJOY God's teachings. Each workbook page is filled with crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, riddles, fun pictures to color, and so much more. Through the pages, the love of God for all people is touched on over and over, and kids are taught how to enjoy prayer, how to desire boldness to preach the Good News, and most of all, how to accept the knowledge that they are precious to Jesus. The books are designed to leave kids wanting to go deeper in God's Word. Watching children fall in love with God's Word is a privilege, and seeing the fruit of that when they are older - it is worth everything.
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In the Rooted and Grounded Workbook Series, basic fundamental truths are taught with clarity, making it easy for parents and teachers to walk through the books with younger kids, and easy for kids who are older to take the workbooks and study on their own. Every child is different, and some may truly enjoy dialoguing with their teachers about the wealth of truth spoken to their hearts, while others may meditate on the verses and prayers with a new zeal for God's heart! In either case, both adults and kids alike will appreciate the ease of which the workbooks are laid out, and spend more time enjoying the teaching than being discouraged! I know that it is truly God's desire that we would find understanding in His Words and not confusion. With this in mind, I have labored to make the workbooks easy to understand, while still keeping true to the very verses being discussed on each page.